Meynaf's website - Amiga projects page
This is Meynaf's Amiga projects page. If you don't know what an Amiga is, this page contains nothing you may have a use for.

Heroes of Might and Magic II
Port of game Heroes of Might and Magic 2 : The Succession Wars. This is PC game, but this version has been made out of a Mac 68k version.
Needs at least 030, OS v39 and uses 256 colors in 640x480 (so no ECS).
To play it, you need original data files, which i don't distribute. This archive only contains game and editor executables, but don't forget to read the included readme. If you have HOMM2 Gold edition, some SMK anims are missing in it, so you can find the files here.
Note that I'm in the process of rewriting the code in asm ; some routines have been done already. So quality will improve with time.
If you're a musician willing to help, don't hesitate to contact me (you can find my email in the lzx archive). I have midi files to redo in Protracker.

Dungeon Master Custom Dungeons
Custom dungeons for Dungeon Master. All require the custom code and graphics.dat present in the archive because I removed some engine limitations.
It's actually a mix of several versions of the game, from Atari ST v1.2 to Amiga v3.6, and dungeons made by me.
Dungeons made by others (including original FTL dungeons) can be found here.

Gauntlet 1
Port of ST version of Gauntlet game. Perfectly OS friendly and works in multitask. A few bugs of ST version (like score not counted for shoot enemies) are now fixed.
This game has sampled sound, so Paula chip can play them without any emulation (apart conversion from unsigned to signed samples).
Requires OS v39.
Note : too slow for 7mhz 68000. Vanilla A1200 speed should be ok. This is due to graphical routines still in ST's bitplane format.

Port of ST version of Joust game. Very simple game which was interesting to do only because of that. Uses my YM2149 emulation code, but beware : audio channels are banged directly.
Requires OS v39.
Also (probably) too slow for 7mhz 68000.

Super Sprint
Port of ST version of Super Sprint game (in case you haven't guessed :)). This one is more complicated than the two others, and will not work on ECS machines (e.g. A500, A2000 or Minimig) because it opens a 64 color screen to emulate ST's palette changes. Sorry for that, but the copper isn't practical to use in Intuition screens (in addition, this would mess up screen grabbers).
Furthermore, it needs a higher configuration because ST screen conversion is done each frame ; 25mhz machine is enough to play at normal speed, though.
Uses my YM2149 emulation code, exactly like Joust game above.
Requires OS v39.

Players for DeliTracker2
A few players and utilities. Includes some DT2 players, a DT2 converter genie, and an XFD decrunch slave.

Mpega library optimised for 68030
Exactly like original integer version of mpega.library, but faster for 030.
Allows playing with settings that were previously out of reach.

Mey's picture viewer
Image viewer for A1200 and similar configurations. Needs 020 and v39. May work on ECS, but only on pictures that are displayable directly there.

Ambermoon 1.07e patch
Patches to make Ambermoon 1.07 english version finishable without running into lots of annoying bugs. Patch list is included in the archive (see the readme).
Just replace files with the ones from the archive, and you're done.

International Karate
Another game ported from the Atari ST. Works on ECS but needs a fast enough machine (like Super sprint does).

Again a game ported from the Atari ST. Same as the one above.

Back to the Golden Age
My next game ported from the Atari ST, like the others.

The legendary game from Jordan Mechner, again ported to Amiga.

Zorgons revenge
This one has been ported from Oric. It's a full rewrite, no emulation.
Done more or less for the fun of it ; we have much better platformers on the Amiga.
It's in fact much older than my other ports.

Arctic moves
Port of the Atari ST version of this PC-DOS game.

Sinbad and the throne of the falcon
Did already exist on Amiga, but the Atari ST version, judged better, has been ported back.

If you want to show appreciation, you can click the link below.
Just consider the time it takes to do all this work and the fact i don't get paid for this while my financial situation is currently very poor (otherwise this link wouldn't have been there at all)...
It is also quite a nice incentive to do more ; if I receive enough, more game ports will come !